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I have created a downloadable zip-file that contains the photos in the gallery below. Please utilize the jpegs in your posts/websites accordingly and be sure to credit Sharktopia. I will do my best to like/comment on each of them as always. Remember, you can also print out the available coloring pages to hand out and enjoy as well.

Thank you for helping spread the awareness. #StopSharkFinning

The health of our oceanic ecosystem relies on living (and thriving) shark populations. The videos and info here show the unfortunate reality that we are facing today. Please dedicate a few minutes of your time to view and share the information on this page. If you'd like to see a resource added, please contact me directly.

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"We have been far too aggressive about extracting ocean wildlife, not appreciating that there are limits and even points of no return."

Sylvia Earle - Misison Blue

Up to 73 million sharks are killed for tasteless, mercury-filled soup every year. The demand for shark fins continues to decimate populations around the world. There is a point of no return - and we are quickly approaching it if we do not intervene.

UPS and DHL have announced they will no longer ship shark fins - while FedEx continues to support shark finning by shipping the fins worldwide.

355,000+ have already signed the petition - please join us and make your voice count. Sign, share, post, and continue to keep the pressure on FexEx. You can download the artwork featured on this page to create a post of your own. Just scroll down to the download button (zip file full of image files).

Thank you for your dedication and support.