Additional shops (partners) working on this campaign (to be updated with links shortly): 

For complete and up-to-date information, please be sure to keep an eye on Lexy's social media

* Tooth and Honey:  Shark Themed Dog Harness and Leash 
* Unrefined:  Basket of handmade, organic dog spa products  
* Sharks4Kids:  2 x SharkCrew TShirts and 2 x Norman the Shark Books
* Fluff& Tuff:  1 x Bruce stuffed toy
* SSD book:  1 x copy of Susies Senior Dogs book (Lexy is featured) and include Lexy’s pawtograph 
* Hoodie: 1 hoodie from last year’s campaign “Discrimination is BullShark” 
* Tutu’s: 2 x handmade tutus for dogs 
* Respect the Fin: 1 x Shark wrap-around ring 
* Babalus by Lucy:  Gift certificate from the store 
* Best Friends Beauty:  Mosquito Repellent and Tick Repellent 
* Busters Party Shop:  (donation item pending)
* Cape Clasp:  (donation item pending)
* Oki Doggy: Be Their Voice muscle shirt 
* Hadley Clay Studio:  Custom pet portrait dessert plate
* Nature Ceramics: Handmade whale shark pendant 
* Zoo Snoods: (donation item pending)

Lexy (pictured here) is one of many rescue dogs showing the world that Pitbulls are loving, loyal,

and dedicated dogs. They have unfortunately been abused for sport/fighting and misrepresented

in the media for many years. There are so many misconceptions being spread about this wonderful

breed. We aim to outweigh the negative false stereotypes with endless images of what Pitbulls are

really like. Check out Lexy and Bruce online and go from there! (Click HERE to see Lexy's Instagram)

Sharks are an important key-player at the top of the oceanic ecosystem. Removing them triggers a

disastrous 'trickle-down' effect causing the whole system to collapse. Scientific studies demonstrate

that depletion and removal of a shark species results in the loss of important fish and shellfish species,

such as Tuna, which maintain the health of coral reefs. It has also been fully documented that when

sharks are given the opportunity to recover from depletion and are then protected, the surrounding

reefs and other species also return and flourish. 

Merchandise info:There are 96 different items available to help support this campaign! Shirts,

leggings, blankets, phone cases, and so much more! Your purchase covers the cost of materials,

labor, and shipping for your special made-to-order item(s). 100% of the remaining proceeds are split

equally between Sharks4Kids and Ghetto Rescue.

Donation info:  You can donate directly to each organization if you'd like to do so!

Donate to Ghetto Rescue here:

Donate to Sharks4Kids here:

COLORING PAGES!!​ To help get everyone (that includes you!) involved in this campaign, I've also created two coloring pages. Help us alter the misconceptions surrounding Sharks and Pitbulls - color and post your masterpiece online. Be sure to tag us in your post! Click the button below to grab your PDFs!


Click on the icons below to go to the corresponding Art Print. If you scroll down on that page, you'll see all of the available products for that particular design. All together, there are 96 items available.

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