Stop Shark Finning - Save the Sharks!
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This fundraising campaign is ongoing for Cade!

It takes people of all ages to support and affect change in this world. I'm just so proud of this young man - and those like him. If you have an idea to raise funds for a non-profit, for conservation, or for a world-changing with it. Figure out how you can make it happen. You're the brains behind that vision - you can make it a reality. Just like Cade.


I'm happy to say I've teamed up with Cade to include twelve of his statement bracelets with the next twelve art orders through my shop. Donations for these bracelets have already been made in your honor! As of this update, there are still several bracelets left. Swim over to my shop (here) and see if there's something you like! If you'd rather buy the bracelet by itself, you can head over to Cade's shop (linked below).

Each bracelet says "STOP SHARK FINNING" AND "SAVE THE SHARKS". They're light weight, silver, silicone, and one size fits most!

100% of the proceeds from the bracelets goes straight to various shark conservation groups and non-profits around the world.

You can look through my shop here:

To purchase a bracelet directly through Cade, you can do that here: