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We Are All Connected!

2021 collaboration with Project Hiu


"We are all connected!" is a design I created as a tribute to Madison Stewarts non-profit 'Project Hiu'.  The final design exists because of the numerous rough sketches that came before it.  Special thanks to Madison for looking over so many ideas with me. When we landed here, we knew it was the design to run with.

The original watercolor painting (seen above) was gifted to Madison - I appreciate all that she's done and continues to do.  :)

8"x10" prints (seen in the photo above under the original painting) are available through my shop. Proceeds support Project Hiu's ongoing efforts.  $150.00 usd has been donated to Project Hiu so far!

The digital design (which I created after the watercolor painting was finished) has been donated to Project Hiu to use on t-shirts and hoodies. You can find the "Connected" items here:

Project Hiu is an initiative which aims to provide alternative income to fishermen in one of the largest shark fisheries in Indonesia and the world. It goes beyond creating ecotourism opportunities. Funds from the non-profit provide clean drinking water, educational materials and lessons, waste management, and so much more. All of these efforts truly are improving livelihoods above and below the surface. Check out Project Hiu here:

Note: Like all of my non-profit work, this design was created at no charge and donated for this specific cause. Sharktopia received zero dollars ($0.00) for the design, creation, product layouts and additional design efforts, campaign, etc. etc.

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