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Support a 'small time' artist!  Help Sharktopia acquire a new laptop! More info below. <3


7-8 years ago (when my laptop was new) I wasn't creating loads of digital art. However, now I am constantly creating new nonprofit coloring pages and digital designs. Unfortunately, my laptop struggles to work properly in Adobe Illustrator on the files I am now creating (much larger than in the past). Updating the hardware in this laptop is not an option due to it being soldered in-place. Due to the extreme amount of Adobe Illustrator crashes I've had to deal with lately, I am saving up for a new laptop. If you'd like to contribute to my "new laptop jar" (fund), that would be absolutely amazing and appreciated. Please consider the options below. Whether you donate or not - please head over to my downloads page to snag all the free coloring books (and pages).  <3

Donation options:
You can send me a fun 'virtual coffee' via Ko-Fi!
Click the Ko-fi button above or click on this URL link:

PayPal is fine if you prefer it! 
Click the PayPal button above or click on this URL link:

You can also find me on Venmo! @sharktopia

Becoming a patron is a wonderful way to support my art! Whether or not you join my Patreon, you'll find the details below PLUS a list of FREE downloads!


Consider becoming a Patron!
Patreon is a wonderful way to support me (and my art)! For $1-$2 per month, you have access to TONS of downloads (plus new downloads released every single month). There are a few other 'downloads only' tiers you can consider for less than $5.

For $5 or more, you can choose from various snail mail options! Fun ocean art in your mailbox every month!


Click here to become a patron! XO

Whether you join my Patreon or not - here are some FINtastic FREE downloads for you to enjoy!

I would love it if you read the full post (linked below), but if you're in a rush, just click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the post to see the clickable downloads (file names)!


Donate art supplies and things!
I finally created an
Amazon wishlist (click here to jump to it). The list includes many of the art supplies I buy regularly plus some items I would love to have but can't splurge on while money is so tight. If you're 100% against using Amazon, I completely understand and I don't expect you to use this method if that's the case. You're not obligated to provide a donation of any kind. This is just another option that has been inquired about a few times, so I finally put a list together. :)

As a full-time artist, I rely on sales through my shop and support through Patreon to pay my monthly bills. Making a purchase or sending a donation (or becoming a Patron) allows me to continue offering FREE coloring & activity pages, phone backgrounds, and more! Thank you so much for your support. xo

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