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©2014-Current -  Sharktopia - All rights reserved.  Coloring pages may be shared (for free!) with your friends, family, school, colleagues, neighbors etc. Help spread the awareness further! Alterations, resale, commercial, and/or production rights are not included nor permitted for any Sharktopia artwork in any format. All artwork is copyright protected. Coloring pages are to remain non-profit.

Sharktopia needs you!

The non-profit element of Sharktopia consists of 100% non-profit coloring pages, awareness campaigns, and worldwide conservation efforts.

Donations are greatly appreciated AND put to good use!

Here are some of the ongoing fees that donations help with:

- Monthly website hosting through Wix

- Monthly Adobe usage fee for Creative Suite

- Domain hosting through GoDaddy

- Office & Art supplies

- Etc.


As if you needed more reasons...!

List of reasons to donate...

* Perhaps you used my art (with or without permission) for a tattoo. If you did and haven't sent me a photo yet...please do!

* You've downloaded one, two, or a lot of the coloring pages to enjoy FOREVER!

* You used my art for yourself without making a purchase. Maybe you printed it out from Social Media and hung it on the wall. :)

* You've thought about buying my art a million times but anything over $5 just wasn't do-able.

* Insert any other reason here!

Here's the 411:  I (Caiti Rose) run, operate, and create the art (and all content) for Sharktopia by myself. I have no assistance or financial support. I make a little bit of money from selling illustrations, prints, and painted stones, but it's rarely enough to pay monthly bills (some of which are specific to Sharktopia - see above). I've set up this donation system in hopes of adding a support structure to continue focusing on the non-profit side of what I do. There are currently 35+ FREE coloring pages and activity downloads available (more are always in-progress)! I was born to help raise awareness for sharks. I hope you can help me continue!


Donations allow me to continue offering FREE coloring pages, activities, campaigns, and more! Please consider sending a contribution to my cause. Donation links are below. Thank you!


You can send me a fun 'virtual coffee' via my safe and secure profile on Ko-Fi!
Click the Ko-fi button above or click on this URL link:


PayPal is also an option if that's preferred!
Click the PayPal button above or click on this URL link:

Drawing suggestions & requests:

My inbox (via social media, email, etc.) is often FULL of drawing ideas and requests for something specific.  I do my best to keep up with the influx, but I'm not perfect. I have a long 'to-do' list and messages can get lost in the nether!

Therefore, I've streamlined the process of 'Idea Sharing' and provided you with an actual platform (Ko-fi) where your specific drawing suggestion can be seen and saved!


How to:

- Visit my Ko-fi page and decide how much "coffee" (donation) you'd like to provide.

- Along with your donation, you have the opportunity to leave a detailed comment regarding a drawing request, idea, question for me, or anything else you can think of! Instead of sifting back and forth through my inbox, this is the platform I'm using to directly refer to any requests and suggestions for art.

Important Notes:

I'm a "one woman show" and have to pick and choose what happens first. Non-profits, awareness campaigns, and coloring pages are always at the top of the 'to-do' list. I'll do my best to get to each drawing request!

PLEASE NOTE: I can't create any ideas that involve copyright protected content (e.g. popular characters from shows, movies etc., company logos, etc.)

Thank you!