I'm Not A Monster! (Tiger shark design)
Stay tuned! This design will be available again soon!

January 2021 - I launched my first-ever Bonfire campaign featuring my 'I'm not a monster' design. 100% of the proceeds were donated to the wonderful non-profit Shark Guardian! The campaign ran from January to April of 2021 and raised $1,625.21 usd (which was all donated).

Reasons this campaign is no longer active on Bonfire:

In April (after having used Bonfire for two campaigns/designs) I decided to order a couple more shirts. The ink started to come off the shirts after the FIRST wash (which was on cold/gentle cycle - no dryer). My inquiry about the issue didn't produce any additional information other than Bonfire's complete disregard for my concern and merely stating that it was a "bad batch" and then requesting a form be submitted so that a new shirt could be sent out. The entire process of contacting Bonfire, requesting info, chatting with their Customer Service, getting extremely frustrated at their disregard for my concerns and the length of time passing between each message, and requesting the re-printed shirt took far too long. Additional 2-3 weeks spent waiting for the replacements. Not a scenario I would want for anyone trying to support my art and a good cause!


I'm sure it was just a "bad batch" - - but how many customers were effected that I didn't even hear about? How many people also went through the lengthy task of attempting to get answers from Bonfire CS? How many other 'bad batches' are out there??  (Note: If this happened to you and you had to go through this process, I'm very sorry about that. I had no idea it could be this bad.)

Needless to say, I discontinued using Bonfire at that point.

Fortunately, this entire process brought us to an even better scenario. Shark Guardian is going to have the items printed by their screenprinter in the UK and will have everything available in their own shop! We're hoping to have this process finalized soon and will post about it the second everything is ready. 100% of the proceeds will still go to Shark Guardian as the items will only be available through them.

Stay tuned! <3