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I'm NOT a Monster!

2021 design in support of Shark Guardian


January 2021 - I launched my first-ever Bonfire campaign featuring my 'I'm not a monster' design. 100% of the proceeds were donated to the wonderful non-profit Shark Guardian! The campaign ran from January to April of 2021 and raised $1,625.21 usd (100% donated).

This design is exclusively available through Shark Guardian! Please consider supporting this wonderful non-profit by purchasing this design directly through Shark Guardian's shop. They use a high quality UK-based screenprinter for their clothing items. Hoodies and t-shirts are available! Shark Guardian still receives all the proceeds for this design. :-D

Shop here:

Note: Like all of my non-profit work, this design was created at no charge and donated for this specific cause. Sharktopia received zero dollars ($0.00) for the design, creation, product layouts and additional design efforts, campaign, etc. etc.

Reasons this campaign is no longer active on Bonfire:

In April (after having used Bonfire for two campaigns/designs) I decided to order a couple more shirts. The ink started to come off the shirts after the FIRST wash (which was on cold/gentle cycle - no dryer). My inquiry about the issue didn't produce any resolution other than Bonfire's complete disregard for my concern and merely stating that it was a "bad batch".  The entire process of contacting Bonfire, requesting info, chatting with their Customer Service, getting extremely frustrated at their disregard for my concerns and the length of time passing between each message, and requesting the re-printed shirt took far too long. Additional 2-3 weeks spent waiting for the replacements. This is not a scenario that anyone should experience when the company is at fault.


I'm sure it was just a "bad batch" - - but how many customers were effected that I didn't even hear about? How many people also went through the lengthy task of attempting to get answers from Bonfire? How many other 'bad batches' are out there??  (Note: If this happened to you and you had to go through this process, I do apologize.)  Needless to say, I no longer utilize Bonfire for these reasons.

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