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Thank you for your support!


I've created this "Please / Do not bend!" design exclusively for Patrons of Sharktopia. <3

Please note that I have not set-up files for every single envelope that exists. That would take a long time!

Instead, I've put together a sampling of options in the .zip folder you'll download.


**PLEASE leave a comment on the Patreon post discussing these envelopes if you need a specific size.

I will be happy to create additional envelope layouts upon request!

When you're ready to print this design onto your envelope, you might need to edit your printing preferences to ensure the result is what you desire. All printers are different and I can't predict the settings that exist on your machine. Play around with the options, preview first before printing, and go from there. You should end up with a fantastic way for the Post Office (or whatever mailing service) to acknowledge they shouldn't bend your envelope!

To download the folder of PDF files, please CLICK HERE.