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Ban Shark Fishing Tournaments

These tournaments are run on the disregard of facts; we need sharks ALIVE!

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. 70% of the air that filled your lungs came from a 'healthy' Ocean. [One of many sources]

The key words here are "HEALTHY OCEAN". Sharks play a vital and irreplaceable role in keeping our Oceans healthy. Despite the endless facts and information available at our fingertips, 100+ MILLION sharks are slaughtered every single year. [Team Sharkwater article which contains multiple references as well.]

Shark fishing tournaments account for a small percentage of the worldwide degradation of our Oceans via the destruction of millions of sharks each year. Regardless of the number of sharks killed during each tournament, the facts are impossible to ignore. We need sharks ALIVE to ensure our future. An Ocean without sharks would be a dying resource that we rely on for our survival. Without 'blue' - we literally wont have any 'green'. No water - no life. [Wonderful resource of Dr. Sylvia Earle via her organization Mission Blue.]

(Photo resource:

Blue Planet Society is a wonderful (and hard-working) organization putting pressure on companies that sponsor shark fishing tournaments. In addition, they are calling upon NOAA to help these tournaments become a thing of the past.

You can sign the petition HERE

What else can you do to help? Speak up!

Send a postcard to Shark Fishing Tournament Sponsors, or send a letter, or type a quick email, share all the information online, tell family and friends, etc. Voice your concern regarding the loss of species around the world. Bombard the sponsors and tournament hosts (including the marinas) with the facts - you can also include images of the slaughter they are supporting; sharks (a critical species we rely on) are hanging by a rope, dead and bloody. Shark fishing (on any level) isn't an act of conservation - it's literally the participation of decimating our most precious resource; our Oceans.

Sponsor info on this PDF for the 2019 South Jersey Shark Fishing Tournament (Click HERE and scroll down until you see Sponsors)

Sponsor info on this PDF brochure for the 2019 MAKO MANIA New Jersey Shark Fishing Tournament (Click HERE and scroll down to see the Sponsors on the lower left)

LONG List of Big Game Fishing Tournaments in 2019 that includes various shark fishing tournaments. (Click HERE to check the list)

(If you have Sponsor/Tournament info you'd like to see added to this list, please contact me directly. Thank you!)


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