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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This blog post is dedicated to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and ways we can help. If you have information about organizations or individual people and/or petitions, etc. that should be added, please feel free to contact me.

You are not required to read this. You are not required to participate in any regard. But, I hope you will. This is just one small space on the internet, dedicated to providing links and information to those that are looking for it. Thank you - we're in this together and change is overdue. <3

** Why you should stop saying 'All Lives Matter'

- Full article here:

- And another article on the subject here:

- And yet another article:

Start here to help - Sign the petitions:

Once you're done signing all of those petitions, here are some more:

Additional info and ways you can help through these resources:

** Frequently updated Google Doc full of additional Anti-Racism Resources (articles, books, podcasts, films, documentaries, organizations and additional info etc). You can find it here:

** 26 Additional ways you can support this cause off the streets. You can find the PDF here: beyondthestreets_final_small.pdf

** Powerful speech by Tamika Mallory - You can watch it here:

** Jane Elliott speaking to an auditorium full of people - about racism. "I want every white person in this room, who would be happy to be treated as this society in general treats our citizens, our black citizens. If you as a white person would be happy to receive the same treatment that our black citizens do in this society - please stand! (ALL remain seated) - You didn't understand the directions. If you white folks want to be treated the way blacks are in this society - stand! - Nobody is standing here. That says very plainly that you know what's happening. You know you don't want it for you. I want to know why you are so willing to accept it or to allow it to happen for others." Here's the video link:

To learn more about Jane Elliot, you can refer to her website:

** Further on Social Justice - Article written by Saphia Lanier - "Why Minorities Are Overpaying for Auto Insurance (and How to Make a Change)". You can read it here. You can also refer to legislation that has been introduced (in 2019) to study the racial disparities in the auto insurance market:

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