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FedEx Ships Shark Fins

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Boycott FedEx while they continue to support the shark fin trade.

"We are writing to inform you that we can no longer patronize FedEx, as we have done exclusively for the last 5 years, due to FedEx’s unfortunate policy that allows for the shipment of shark fins." - Dr. Sylvia Earle and the Mission Blue Team

The most disturbing element here is the continued shipping of shark fins by FedEx two years after Sylvia Earle's letter was sent. You can read the full letter here:

Ways you can help - Take action!

Nearly 400,000 people have signed this petition to request that FedEx implement a ban on shipping shark fins.

Note: As of May 1, 2019 this petition is closed. However, I have sent a message through the Care2 site to the creator/owner in hopes of getting it re-opened. I've offered to help in any way that I can. Please refer to the other additional resources below - and - remember, you can ALWAYS blast social media about this issue (while boycotting the company). Thank you!

The Racing Extinction team has provided contact information and script/email suggestions regarding what you can do right now to lend your voice to this cause. You can see their full post here:


1.800.GoFedEx (463 3339) Call and press 0 to speak to a representative (script below).


Sustainability Director:

Managing Director of FedEx Hong Kong:

Asia Pacific PR Manager: of FedEx:

Fred Smith CEO:

[Refer to the Racing Extinction post linked above for the script/email suggestions]


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Defenders of Wildlife

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