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Save the Southern Resident Orcas

74 Southern Resident Orcas remain; starving to death.

Activists hold signs supporting orca whales at the back of a news conference Friday in Seattle about the declining population of endangered orcas that frequent Washington state waters. (Elaine Thompson/The Associated Press)

The Southern Resident Orcas (located around the Salish Sea and Puget Sound) are the only fish-eating Orcas in the lower 48 States. There are just 74 alive as of Sept. 2018. Chinook salmon make up 80% of the Orcas’ diet. The whales evolved eating fish from these rivers, and are dependent on them. They need an abundant amount of salmon to survive. We still have time to help the Orcas by bringing back their food source from the Columbia Basin by breaching the dams this year.

Breaching the lower Snake River dams would increase their food supply enough to allow the Orcas to recover, thrive, and stabilize alongside the salmon populations. It's the most effective method that has been presented to Washington’s Task Force.

The PNW Protectors have provided an in-depth section of their website to cover each element of this issue; problems, solutions, action to take, etc. Everything you need to know can be found there:

Ways you can help - Take action!

More than 500,000 people have signed in support of breaching the 4 Snake River Dams; allowing the Salmon and Orcas to both recover. You can find the petition here:

The following details can be used to lend your voice to this cause. Keep the pressure on. Your help is critical in this campaign.


Governor Jay Inslee: 1-360-902-4111 (USA Number) - Voice your concern about the future of the Federally endangered Southern Resident Orca population! Ask for the lower four Snake River dams to be breached within 2018.

Contact Form (e-message)

If you are not in the USA and it would be expensive to call the number, you can also write to the Governor at:

Write (Mail)

Send the Governor a letter:

Governor Jay Inslee

416 14th Ave. SW

Olympia, WA 98504


Post, Comment, Share

Use social media to carry this cause further:

Twitter: @govinslee


Instagram: @govinslee/

For additional Political affiliation phone numbers, addresses, and contact information, please refer to this page and scroll down to "Actions you can take":

I'm so grateful for all the hard work put in by the PNW Protectors. I could copy/paste each phone number and address here, but I'm sticking to the general basics and re-directing those who want to dive in further. Thank you all for your dedication to this cause!


Keiko Conservation

Additional actions via PNW Protectors

Advocacy for Animals

Endangered Species Coalition

Dam Sense

Orca Network

Peninsula Daily News

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