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Please read entire description - AND - the shipping info which is at the bottom of the description. Please choose from the print sizes and color options in the drop down! Thank you!



  • This listing is for 50 eco-friendly, paper stickers (technically 50+ since I always toss in a few extras!) .... plus the added bonus of a postcard and bookmark with each sticker pack.
  • Stickers are NOT waterproof.
  • Stickers are shipped in an ecofriendly glassine paper sleeve (shown in photos) that can be recycled or composted (Note: 'at home' compost might take a while due to how compressed the paper fibers are.)
  • Stickers and backing liner are both 100% recyclable. The stickers are also biodegradable & compostable. They're just paper. :)
  • These stickers are printed on 100% recycled content sticker paper that utilizes an eco friendly adhesive. Recycled paper occasionally comes with TINY specs ("imperfections") due to how the paper is processed, etc. It's not very common, but I'm making note of it here in case you find a tiny unique spec on your sticker. Thank you for supporting this recycled-paper journey! :)
  • Note: Photos were taken at night using the best lighting I have on-hand. Please review all photos. I will update them within the next 24 hours with better lighting (daylight).


Donations: A lot of my artwork provides proceeds to various wonderful non-profits. Please look through the 'Donation Art' section in my shop to see all the choices!

Sticker Materials:
- EcoEnclose Zero Waste White Label Sheets

- Epson archival inks



Shipping within the USA:

$4.25 for USPS 1st Class parcel - OR - $8.00 for USPS Priority

This includes all materials needed to ensure your artwork is well protected during its journey to you.


International Shipping (outside of the USA):

$15.00 flat fee for USPS 1st Class International parcel (PLEASE contact me prior to purchase if you're interested in an exact shipping quote. This can vary by location.)

  • Estimated shipping timeframe varies with location. Please expect delivery within 15-45 days. Shipments U.S.A. to Australia commonly take 30-45 days.
  • Shipping cost includes all materials needed to ensure your artwork is well protected during its journey to you.

IMPORTANT: Customs fees (and any other regional specific fees) are not included with this purchase. If your local government/post office requires a fee of any kind (customs, VAT tax, etc), you are responsible for paying that fee to acquire your items. Thank you for understanding! :)


Copyright Notice

© 2014-Current - Sharktopia - All rights reserved. Art in all formats, digital creations, photos, and entire website/social media content are copyright ©Sharktopia - Purchase and/or download does not provide alteration, resale, or production rights of any kind.


Ultimate Eco-Friendly Paper Sticker Pack!

  • Undelivered items are extremely rare. If your shipment does not arrive please refer to the following information:

    If you're within the U.S. please allow 3 weeks to pass prior to requesting a replacement. If you're outside of the U.S. please allow 8 weeks to pass prior to requesting a replacement. This takes into account any lost parcels that may get recovered or other delays due to the pandemic, lockdown, weather, etc.  Items that are not replaceable such as original paintings and "one of a kind" illustrations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Note: If a parcel is returned to me strictly due to unpaid customs fees (which is mentioned in the description as well), you will be responsible for the second shipping fee if I need to re-send the item(s).
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