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Scuba Roo Mo!

2021 design in support of Tiny Hooves Sanctuary


Sharks aren't villains. Roosters shouldn't be forced to fight. Awareness clothing helps spread the message. <3 

"ScubaRoo Mo" provides 100% of the proceeds to the non-profit Tiny Hooves Sanctuary!


Since 2015, Tiny Hooves Sanctuary has provided a home to over 300 farm animals and counting! They rescue, rehabilitate, and provide forever sanctuary to abandoned, neglected, abused, and unwanted farm animals. They strive to provide the best individual care to each resident. They also educate the public on compassionate farm animal care, farm animal individuality, and so much more.The Bonfire clothing campaign (which ran from March to April of 2021) raised $150.26 usd! These funds were donated to Tiny Hooves. <3


Although the original Bonfire campaign has closed, you will be able to purchase this design again soon!  (I'll keep you posted)

The original watercolor painting (seen above) was donated to Tiny Hooves Sanctuary.  8"x10" prints are available! Each print provides proceeds to Tiny Hooves Sanctuary. So far, print sales have raised $185.00 usd for this wonderful non-profit.

Note: Like all of my non-profit work, this design was created at no charge and donated for this specific cause. Sharktopia received zero dollars ($0.00) for the design, creation, product layouts and additional design efforts, campaign, etc. etc.

Tiny Hooves Sanctuary official Redbubble shop will be full of options soon! Check it out when you have a moment:

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Tiny Hooves Sanctuary

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