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Swim Beyond Misconceptions

2017 non-profit campaign with 'Lexy the Elderbull'!

Helping the world swim beyond misconcept
Lots of love to _cicyguimond for colorin
collaborating with the amazing _lexy_the

"Swim Beyond Misconceptions" is a non-profit campaign that I worked on with 'Lexy the Elderbull' (and her mom Jenny!) in 2017.  The campaign is aimed at helping alter the misconceptions surrounding Pitbulls (and Pitbull-like dogs) and sharks! Swim beyond the false information and join us in helping spread the awareness (and positive image) even further!

This campaign ran from June 25 - July 23, 2017. A total of $1,900.00 USD was raised for charity (donated and split between the two non-profits; Sharks4Kids and Ghetto Rescue Foundation).

A special holiday version of the "Swim Beyond Misconceptions" design was also created (and donated) to the cause. There are a total of 4 different variations of the primary design (three different color options and the holiday themed option). You can see each of these in Lexy's official Society6 shop! (Link below)

Note: Like all of my non-profit work, this design was created at no charge and donated for this specific cause. Sharktopia received zero dollars ($0.00) for the design, creation, product layouts and additional design efforts, campaign, etc. etc.

You can still support the cause! Lexy's official Society6 shop is rockin' and rollin' with 130+ products available featuring this design and others!

Holiday update and promo - all info in c
So proud to take part with so many wonde
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