Swim Beyond Misconceptions

2017 non-profit campaign - Merchandise is still available (proceeds are donated)!

collaborating with the amazing _lexy_the

"Swim Beyond Misconceptions" is our non-profit campaign from June/July 2017. Like all of Lexy's efforts, this campaign is aimed at helping alter the misconceptions against Pitbulls (and Pitbull-like dogs) and sharks! Swim beyond the false information and join us in helping spread the awareness (and positive image) even further!

This campaign ran from June 25 - July 23, 2017. A total of $1,900.00 USD was raised for charity (donated and split between the two non-profits; Sharks4Kids and Ghetto Rescue).

A special holiday version of the "Swim Beyond Misconceptions" design was also created (and donated) to the cause. There are a total of 4 different variations of the primary design (three different color options and the holiday themed option). You can see each of these in Lexy's official Society6 shop! (Link below)

Lexy's official Society6 shop is rockin' and rollin' with 130+ products available of the "Swim Beyond Misconceptions" campaign as well as the latest "Worth More Alive"!


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