These fins were made for walking!
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Three new coloring pages are available a
This fundraising campaign has ended, but you can still learn about Epaulette sharks and download fun coloring pages!

The #WALKINGSHARKS campaign began when Tiffany Nay approached me with the idea of acquiring a custom logo for her Epaulette shark research project. We collaborated on the best way to bring attention to these fascinating walking sharks, while ensuring the logo was versatile on various scales. Shortly after the logo was underway, we discussed t-shirt ideas and fundraising for Tiffany's research. I donated my time and efforts to provide the additional elements needed after the logo had been established; t-shirt layouts, postcards, and stickers. I did not receive any percentage of sales. All proceeds from this project went straight to funding the research.

Download the #WALKINGSHARKS coloring pages here:

Read more about the Epaulette shark research and this FINtastic project here: