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#walkingsharks campaign for research!

Hi everyone! I recently had the pleasure of creating the design for a campaign to help further the Epaulette Shark research of Tiffany Nay (via her University/Rummer Lab). 100% of donations go to research costs.

Understanding how these sharks use temperature is critical to conserving species as conditions continue to warm across the globe. We may be able to predict how fish will respond and cope in the near future pending the research findings.

Shirts/Stickers are available for select donations and sponsortships. Click the button/link to learn more!

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Sharks are Apex predators and a vital element of our oceanic ecosystem. They keep other populations of species balanced throughout our world's oceans. The continued co-existence of predator and prey allows our oceanic ecosystem to thrive. An imbalance or removal of a key component of this 'chain' can cause a disastrous trickle-down effect. There have already been documented occurrences of localized collapses of fisheries and ecosystems due to the removal of sharks, including the scallop fisheries in Chesapeake Bay, the coral reefs in Belize, and the cod in New England.

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