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All coloring pages are created 100% non-profit and FREE to download! I do not receive payment for creating these pages.

Please consider supporting all of my non-profit efforts!  You can learn more on the DONATE page. Thank you!


Important note - now in red - because it happened again: Please do not edit my art (this includes coloring pages, all downloads, paintings, illustrations, etc.).  It doesn't matter what the edit is or how minimal - it's still an edit. Please respect me as an artist and DO NOT edit my art! If you'd like to see a coloring page in a different language or you have some other type of request, please reach out. DO NOT edit my art yourself.   You can use my contact form HERE or reach out to me on social media. Thank you. :)

Orca stationery set
Letter to Senator Tammy Baldwin requesting co-sponsor of SWIMS Act.

This stationery set was inspired by Tokitae ("Lolita"). She was taken from her family in the wild at age 4 in Penn Cove (1970). She has spent 52+ years living in a small tank. Can you imagine how horrible that would feel? You can read more about Tokitae here:

Peggy Oki (longtime activist and founder of the Origami Whales Project) continues to advocate for Tokitae. More than 2,000 'art letters' have been sent to the new CEO of Miami Seaquarium requesting that Tokitae be relocated to seaside sanctuary in the Salish Sea (her home waters)


You can help! TAKE ACTION!

Right now the SWIMS Act is on the table. This incredibly important bill would amend outdated laws and put an end to the future captivity of whales (including Orcas, Belugas, etc). PLEASE write to your state representatives, asking them to co-sponsor the SWIMS Act! Not sure where to begin? No worries at all! Peggy Oki has provided all the info plus a sample letter. Click on the buttons below to dive in and take action!


NETS OUT NOW  (14 pages)

This booklet is filled with information about the Queensland and New South Wales 'shark control programs'. As you learn about the problems - you'll also learn about the suggested solutions. At the end of this booklet you'll find a fun memory game featuring the 19 species of shark on the cull list. To learn more about each shark, please download the stationery set (each card contains more info)! You can also use that stationery set to speak up for sharks and all the Ocean animals that die from being hooked or entangled.


TAKE ACTION! (stationery set) - NETS OUT NOW 
(13 pages)

This stationery set coincides with the educational "Nets Out Now" colouring/activity booklet. Please download both, along with the protest poster kit below.

This stationery set consists of 19 cards featuring each shark on the Queensland/NSW cull list, plus a full page sheet that can be folded in half to create a larger card, along with a letter page (shark border), and an envelope!


NETS OUT NOW! Protest Poster Kit  (Zip Folder)

This folder contains four different poster sizes - print at home or use a print shop/service! Help protest the shark nets in Queensland and New South Wales by colouring any or all of these designs. If you're not able to attend a local Australian protest, we invite you to protest online! You can find all of the details within the .zip folder.  Please make sure to read the PDF marked as "Important". Thank you for taking action!


"Envoy: Shark Cull" is an important documentary that examines the failings of the current 'shark control programs' in Queensland and New South Wales. More information:

The Nets Out Now Coalition consists of many organizations, groups, and individuals who are  taking a stand. The Queensland and New South Wales 'shark control programs' are outdated and in dire need of modernization. The cull has to stop. Join us!

More information:


Fight for the Ocean and our waterways!  (16 pages)

This booklet features Ocean animals with eco-friendly options and a lot of wonderful activities! Written by Food Empowerment Project with art by Sharktopia! The F.E.P. team also came up with the animal/item combinations!  Make sure you're following F.E.P. online so you don't miss 'Fight for the Ocean' week!


Dive with Irene and her Ocean Friends!  (7 pages)

This booklet features free-diver Irene Marcoux with some of her favorite Ocean animals (coloring and activity sheets along with a fun Q&A)! Written by Irene with art by Sharktopia!


The Girl From The Ocean  (15 pages)

This booklet features Cristina Zenato, her story, and some of her Ocean friends. Dive in and create your own scene! Written by Cristina with art by Sharktopia!


How to Tag a Shark  (29 pages)

This booklet contains everything you need for a scientific work-up on a shark. Info + instructions are included along with four species and worksheets! Written by Shark4Kids with art by Sharktopia!


Adventures of Zee & Alayziah!  (12 pages)

Dive in with Zee, Alayziah, and some of their favorite things. Create a fun scene that combines all the fun cut-outs. This booklet was written by Zee & Alayziah with art by Sharktopia!


OCTO-MANIA!  (20 pages)

This is what happens when a lot of octo-loving artists get together to collaborate! This download button will send you to 'OctoNation Kids' where you'll receive 20 pages of scenes, games, puzzles, etc! <3

Self Love & Self Care:

- Scars do not define you

Special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that have provided translations for some of the coloring pages!

Translations are discussed and received via email. The coloring pages are then edited by Sharktopia (me)!


If you'd like to see a coloring page in a different language, please contact me (click here). Please DO NOT edit the page yourself.  Thank you :)

Pages available in Spanish, Catalan & Portuguese:

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Portuguese)

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Spanish)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Spanish)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Spanish)

But...I need my fins.                (Spanish)

- We Need Our Fins                 (Spanish) 

But...I need my fins.               (Catalan)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Catalan)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Catalan)

Pages available in ITALIAN:

- Ghost Nets

- Help Save Sharks and the World

Coloring page collaborations feature the Sharktopia logo next to the logo of the collaborator. Many of the collaborations feature information/verbiage provided by the collaborator with artwork by Sharktopia.

All collaborations (and non-collaboration pages) are created 100% non-profit and remain FREE to the public to download and enjoy.

Special thanks to the wonderful organizations and individuals for taking part in Sharktopia coloring page collaborations AND a huge thank you to all translation volunteers!

Envoy Foundation
Nets Out Now Coalition


Irene Marcoux

Food Empowerment Project

Ma'o Mana Foundation

One Ocean Diving

Keiko Conservation
Shark Guardian

Tiffany Nay
Cassie Jensen Photography

Paris Shark Fest

People of the Water

Lexy the Elderbull

Oh Dakuwaqa!

Merman Jax

Paris Shark Fest


Dr Mark Bond (NDF/CITES collab)
Maya's Cookies

The Wanted Depths

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