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NEW Download: Stationery inspired by Lolita - Let's write some letters!


Lolita (Tokitae) was captured in 1970 (Penn Cove). She has spent 51+ years living in a small tank. You can read more about her here:


This stationery set was created in honor of Lolita. I've included one watercolor card in addition to all the items you can color yourself. I hope these pages inspire you to write some letters on her behalf.

Peggy Oki (longtime advocate for Lolita and founder of the Origami Whales Project) has created an Art Letters campaign for Lolita! All the information you need, including sample wording for letters, can be found here:

and here:

and via Peggy's Google Doc:

Deadline for receiving letters:  May 9, 2022

1600+ letters have already been received and sent to the new CEO of the Miami Seaquarium.


*Click here to read the PETA press release regarding Lolita's poor health (02/06/2022)

*Click here to read the Palm Beach Post article "Miami Seaquarium acknowledges killer whale Lolita has been ill"

*Click here to read Local 10 news article 'Miami Seaquarium’s famed orca Lolita in declining health'

*Click here to read the NPR article on USDA inspection report: For 51 years this killer whale has lived in a tiny tank.


The Girl From The Ocean  (15 pages)

This booklet features Cristina Zenato, her story, and some of her Ocean friends. Dive in and create your own scene! Written by Cristina with art by Sharktopia!


How to Tag a Shark  (29 pages)

This booklet contains everything you need for a scientific work-up on a shark. Info + instructions are included along with four species and worksheets! Written by Shark4Kids with art by Sharktopia!


Adventures of Zee & Alayziah!  (12 pages)

Dive in with Zee, Alayziah, and some of their favorite things! Create a fun scene that combines all the fun cut-outs! This booklet was written by Zee & Alayziah with art by Sharktopia!


Ocean Life and Sustainability  (10 pages)

This booklet features Ocean animals with eco-friendly options and a lot of wonderful activities! Written by Food Empowerment Project with art by Sharktopia! The F.E.P. team also came up with the animal/item combinations!


Dive with Irene and her Ocean Friends!  (7 pages)

This booklet features free-diver Irene Marcoux with some of her favorite Ocean animals (coloring and activity sheets along with a fun Q&A)! Written by Irene with art by Sharktopia!


OCTO-MANIA!  (20 pages)

This is what happens when a lot of octo-loving artists get together to collaborate! This download button will send you to 'OctoNation Kids' where you'll receive 20 pages of scenes, games, puzzles, etc! <3

Self Love & Self Care:

- Scars do not define you

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If you'd like to see a coloring page in a different language, please contact me (click here). Please DO NOT edit the page yourself.  Thank you :)

Pages available in Spanish, Catalan & Portuguese:

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Portuguese)

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Spanish)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Spanish)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Spanish)

But...I need my fins.                (Spanish)

- We Need Our Fins                 (Spanish) 

But...I need my fins.               (Catalan)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Catalan)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Catalan)

Pages available in ITALIAN:

- Ghost Nets

- Help Save Sharks and the World

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