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- "We're in this together" 8.5"x11" letter (write around the design - color it or keep it black and white)

- "We're in this together" design in lower right corner allows you to fold an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper into a card. Color it or keep it black and white. (Fold in half, then fold in half a second time for card format)

Note: Coloring page collaborations feature the Sharktopia logo next to the logo of the collaborator. Many of the collaborations feature Sharktopia artwork alongside the information & facts provided by the organization. Collaborations always included a lot of 'back and forth' about the design and initial idea for the page. It's definitely an involved process! :)

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Food Empowerment Project

Ma'o Mana Foundation

One Ocean Diving

Keiko Conservation
Shark Guardian

Tiffany Nay
Cassie Jensen Photography

Paris Shark Fest

People of the Water

Lexy the Elderbull

Oh Dakuwaqa!

Merman Jax

Paris Shark Fest


Dr Mark Bond (NDF/CITES collab)
Maya's Cookies

The Wanted Depths

Coloring & Activity Booklets

- How To Tag A Shark (Scientific Workup)  (29 pages)  <<< NEW BOOKLET!

- The Girl From The Ocean  (15 pages)

- Adventures of Zee & Alayziah  (12 pages)

- OCTO-MANIA!  (20 pages of fun - created by numerous artists, including Sharktopia!)

Self Love & Self Care:

- Scars do not define you

Pages available in Spanish, Catalan & Portuguese:

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Portuguese)

- Help Save Sharks and the World (Spanish)

Special thanks to Sharks4Kids for these translations

But...I need my fins.               (Spanish)

But...I need my fins.               (Catalan)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Spanish)

- v1 - Can't hear the screams.  (Catalan)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Spanish)

- v2 - Can't hear the screams. (Catalan)

Special thanks to Anna & Sara for these translations

Pages available in GERMAN:

Special thanks to Jonas Kretschmann and Petra Schwerdtfeger for the German translations

- But...I need my fins

- v2 - Cant hear the screams

- Pelagic Thresher Shark

- Whale Shark

- Salmon Shark

- Basking Shark

- Blacktip Reef Shark

Pages available in FRENCH:

- But...I need my fins.

Special thanks to Jessica Maldives for this translation


- Sharktastic Paris Shark Fest

Special thanks to Fabien (Paris Shark Fest) for this translation

- Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Special thanks to Ma'o Mana Foundation for this translation

- Help Save Sharks and the World

Special thanks to Sharks4Kids for this translation

- Shark Love cards with maze activity

- Shark Love cards with sharks (no maze)

Special thanks to Elisia Saam-Quinty & fam for this translation

Pages available in ITALIAN:

- Ghost Nets

Special thanks to Cristina Mori for this translation

- Help Save Sharks and the World

Special thanks to Sharks4Kids for this translation