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Thank you so much for supporting my little Sharktopia! Please follow me online for the latest art and event updates. Fun bonus: my newsletter occasionally includes promo codes - sign up can be found at the bottom of the page.

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About me

Hi everyone - my name is Caiti Rose aka Sharktopia!

  • I created Sharktopia in September 2014, just after my 30th birthday. I sold my first official Sharktopia art on November 14, 2014 via Etsy. I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary this year and will probably host a FINtastic event. Keep an eye on my 'Events' page (and socials) for details!

  • Sharktopia has been trademarked since September 14, 2021. I went through the lengthy process after dealing with a LOT of art theft online. There's only so much an artist can do. Having the trademark doesn't prevent people from stealing my art (it still happens far too often), but it helps me have some form of 'peace of mind'.

  • Through my art, I raise awareness about harsh topics such as: shark finning, plastic pollution, bycatch, overfishing, etc.  There are 200+ FREE coloring pages and booklets on my site to help spread the awareness even further. I love collaborating with amazing nonprofit shark conservation organizations. Most of the free downloads consist of educational information from a non-profit alongside my illustrations.

  • I've been drawing since I was 1 year old (with the help of someone holding a crayon or marker in my hand). I was born with Erb's Duchenne Palsy. My right hand, arm, and shoulder didn't function when I was born due to nerve damage in the 5th and 6th vertebra (Erb's Duchenne is an injury caused during birth). I was born in 1984 - the year of minimal information about Erb's Duchenne Palsy, no "cure", a lot of guessing, and zero treatment plan. Since it didn't work at that time, my arm was unfortunately kept in a sling. For that reason (during a crucial growing stage) my arm doesn't bend straight and I have limited mobility. I was placed in a couple of physical therapy sessions for kids with cerebral palsy and discovered that I love swimming (and even just being near water). Regardless of the obstacles, it feels like fate to go from having someone holding a crayon in my hand to becoming a full-time artist. I've always loved drawing. Perhaps that spark came from the very beginning.

  • I'm primarily right-handed with writing, drawing, and using utensils. I can also paint and draw left-handed - which I usually do on large-scale paintings (murals) due to the limited mobility in my right arm. I'm left-handed for everything else (throwing, catching, reaching, lifting, etc. etc.)

  • I live in southeast Wisconsin with my other half - my biggest supporter and best friend. We balance each other in many ways. Ironically, we both grew up in the same city, not far from each other, and share some of the same friends. Our paths may have crossed many times in the past, but we never knew it. I'm forever grateful that we met when the timing was finally right.

  • I've been vegan since 2011. My fella cooks amazing plant-based meals and I clean up the kitchen afterward! We're a great team. :-D

  • I'm a huge Vincent Price fan. I love old movies, cheesy B-movies, and various cult classics. I usually have a movie playing in the background while creating art (something I've done since I was a little kid). I also love coffee, being outside, hiking, kayaking, swimming, snowboarding, looking for cool rocks and fossils, supporting local shops and friends, etc.

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