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    Shipping within the U.S. Flat fee: $4.25 usd - USPS 1st Class Parcel (aka "USPS GROUND ADVANTAGE") - ETA of approx 3-7 business days depending upon location. Tracking number included. This option does not include insurance coverage. Flat fee: $8.00 usd - USPS Priority Shipping - ETA of approx 2-4 business days depending on location. Tracking number included, plus insurance coverage for $50 usd value (if your order is worth more than $50 and you would like full insurance cover, please contact me before purchase. International - Shipping outside the U.S. Flat fee: $15.00 usd (Based on average cost of shipping a painting overseas. Smaller items may cost less to ship. Please contact me prior to purchase for an exact shipping cost per your specific location.) - Sent via USPS First Class International parcel. Customs fees and VAT tax fees are NOT included with your purchase. ETA approx 10-20+ business days depending upon location. Customs delays, weather, holidays, etc. can all effect the delivery time-frame. IMPORTANT: Customs fees (and/or VAT tax fees) may be required upon the arrival of your parcel. You are responsible for any fees that might occur at that point. I do not include fee payments with items in my shop. Unpaid fees may result in a return-service to me that can take an additional 4+ weeks. We can discuss re-shipping the item(s) if returned to me, but you would be responsible for the additional shipping cost in that scenario. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause - but it's beyond my control. Thank you for understanding.
    Thank you for considering a donation! Donations allow me to focus on the non-profit side of what I do (I donate a lot of art)! Please head over to my 'Support' page for full details about donations. Note: Sharktopia is not a registered non-profit and therefore any donations provided to Sharktopia are not tax deductible. There are currently 200+ FREE coloring and activity pages available on my DOWNLOADS page. Most of the pages have been made in collaboration with various non-profits. They provide the information and I provide the illustrations! (I also put the pages together and handle the layouts, etc.)
    Due to my current backlog (aka lengthy to-do list), I'm not taking on custom requests at this time. If you're seeking a specific 8"x10" print of my art and I don't currently have it listed in my shop, please feel free to reach out to inquire further (click here for my contact form - email). For information using existing art for your tattoo, please refer to the previous question in my FAQ: 'Can I use your art for my tattoo?'
    Undelivered items are extremely rare. If your shipment does not arrive please refer to the following information: If you're within the U.S. please allow 3 weeks to pass prior to contacting me and requesting a replacement. If you're outside of the U.S. (International shipping) please allow 8 weeks to pass prior to contacting me and requesting a replacement. The additional time takes into account any lost parcels that may get recovered or other delays due to holidays, customs, weather, regional issues, etc. Items that are not replaceable, such as one-of-a-kind original paintings and illustrations, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Note: If a parcel is returned to me strictly due to unpaid customs fees (or other regional specific fees), you will be responsible for the second shipping fee if I need to re-send the item(s). This information is clearly noted on every single listing in my shop and also within the FAQ - refer to the question regarding my 'Shipping Policy'.
    I am a full-time artist with no other means of income except my art. If you use my art for a tattoo I ask you to seriously consider supporting me through any of the following methods: Buy some of my art! This is beneficial for you (yay, art on the wall) and your tattoo artist. You can bring the art to your tattoo appointment and provide it as a direct reference for the ink that will forever be on your skin. Win/win! If you're nearby, please feel free to stop by one of my events and purchase some art in-person! Check the 'Events' page to see where I'm popping up next! Consider providing a donation for using my art in this manner. You can find all the donation info via my 'Support' page. No matter which method you choose when supporting my art, it would be wonderful if you'd follow my art journey across social media. Feel free to help spread the word! Share my art! Tag me! Etc! If you're not on social media, please consider signing up for my newsletter so you can stay up-to-date with my latest news! (Newsletter sign-up at bottom of website) IG: @sharktopia FB: Threads: @sharktopia TikTok: @therealsharktopia YouTube: Note: I would love to see the outcome of your FINtastic Sharktopia tattoo! Please message me on social media or reach out via email so I can see the finished result!
    I'm a small-time artist, not working on a large commercial scale. This art business is 100% run, operated, and managed by me (one person). All sales are final. Please make sure you're purchasing the item(s) you really want! Thank you for your support. :)
    Please do not use my artwork in any regard without my permission. Using my art for your own personal use is still art theft. Re-creating or copying the art as it already exists is also copyright infringement. If you want one of my designs on a mug, shirt, or other item that badly, please contact me directly. I've had to deal with art theft constantly and it's extremely tiresome and very disheartening. Please don't contribute to art theft - contact me directly before you take my art. Thank you for respecting me (as an artist) and my art. :) Sharktopia® artwork in all forms is copyright and trademark protected - all rights reserved. Purchase and/or download does not provide alteration (edits), resale, commercial, and/or production rights of any kind.
    If you've written a story - or you have a story idea you're working on - please consider the following before reaching out: Do you have a finished story that has been proofed by a publisher or literary agent? Ideally, your story should be completely finished when approaching an illustrator. Do you have a publisher in-place with pending contracts, etc.? Do you have a time-frame in mind for the project - from the time of illustrating to the time of publishing? Do you have an established budget and contract created for the potential illustrator you plan to hire? Do you have the paper size and type picked out for the book? Will the book be full-color or black and white? Are you seeking traditional watercolor art for the book or vector art? Paper size, weight, type, etc. all matter when finalizing the art. If you're considering self-publishing, here are a few additional things to consider prior to reaching out: Please refer to all of the above points prior to reaching out if you are self-publishing. Do you have the company/platform picked out where you will self-publish your book? Paper size, weight, type, etc. all matter when finalizing the art for a book. Most self-publishing websites have templates and specific dimensions that must be followed - you should have all of this information available for your potential illustrator and make sure to note if you've already decided on a specific template. These are all things for you to personally consider for your book. If you have all or most of this taken care of - I'd be happy to chat with you about your project!
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