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Thank you for supporting my little Sharktopia!

When you support Sharktopia - you're also supporting FINtastic non-profit organizations! I donate a portion of my proceeds to various wonderful non-profits throughout the year. I have also donated a lot of art over the years! 2024 has been challenging, which has affected the amount of donations thus far. I remain hopeful and will continue to keep this page updated as donations are made. Thank you so much for being here!

2024 Donations (thus far):


Consider Supporting a Small-time Artist (Sharktopia!)

There are many FREE ways to support Sharktopia, including sharing my social media posts, tagging me online, inviting friends and family to my socials, leaving comments and engaging with my content, informing teachers of all the educational materials they can download for free, etc. Your support is always appreciated! Scroll down for info about donating.


April 18, 2024 - Printer in for repairs:

2024 has been extremely challenging for a few reasons. My printer recently malfunctioned and has been taken to TriTech for servicing. This is an expensive printer, not something I can easily replace. The repairs will hopefully not cost more than $300 usd. I hope it will be less - I should hear from the service tech by Monday (April 22). Perhaps there will be some good Earth Day karma and the repairs will cost even less than expected. I remain hopeful.  :)

Ongoing computer struggles:

My HP Envy is 8+ years old - additional RAM can't be added (I triple-checked). The machine was maxed out with 16 GB RAM when I bought it all those years ago. I run the bare minimum and keep most files on an external HD. The error message "the operation cannot complete because there isn't enough memory (RAM) available" is common. My illustrations of mangrove trees for Project LemonAid made my computer crash repeatedly. I had to separate the design into several files and combine them at the end. Someday I won't have to worry about RAM! If you'd like to help me on that journey, read on.

A purchase or donation is beyond appreciated!

I appreciate your support (with or without a purchase through my shop or a donation). Feel free to spread the word and share my art online! If you're considering a donation, please refer to the options below. Note: I am not a registered non-profit. Donations to Sharktopia are not tax-deductible. More info in my FAQ.

You can send me a virtual-coffee (donation) through Ko-fi:

You can provide a donation directly through PayPal:

You can also provide a donation directly through Venmo (@sharktopia):

As a full-time artist, I rely on sales through my shop to pay my monthly bills. Art sales and donations allow me to continue focusing on non-profit art - offering FREE coloring & activity pages. Thank you so much for your support!

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